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We are Forma Moulds, a design company that specialises in creating high-quality silicone products for our clients. We pride ourselves on the unique process where your needs come first and use cutting edge technologies to provide you with an excellent end result!

At Forma Moulds, we believe in the power of creativity and imagination. We cultivate an environment that offers support for all aspects from start to finish - our design team works closely with clients throughout their experience developing custom silicone moulds tailored specifically towards what they need; expert technicians take these ideas into reality using state of the art rapid prototyping techniques which result in high quality moulds.

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Custom Silicone Moulds 

Custom silicone mould design and production.

Moulds are used in the manufacturing process to create objects from digital designs or photos, for example candles with human shapes on them!

Candle Packaging

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Design and manufacture 

The design of the product will be followed through to mass production for commercial sale of silicone moulds and silicone products.


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Meet the team and how we can help you realise your dream.

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Standard Injection Moulding
Tooling material
Ideal Minimum Units 
+500 Units
Tooling costs start from
£1,500 per tool
Advantage of method
Long Lasting tool
Method ideal for 
Large scale production
3D Moulding
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Forma Moulds 3D printed tool
1 to 500 Units
£200 per tool
Can create complex 3D shapes
Perfect for prototypes or low volume

“The creative minds at our company work tirelessly to bring your ideas into reality. We are passionate about what we do because it allows us the opportunity for collaboration and that mutual respect between client & designer which can only come from an intimate understanding of one another's goals"

– Tom Lane, Founder

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