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Forma Moulds Fully UK based 

From concept to completion, Forma Moulds are a UK-based business. Increasingly, injection moulding is outsourced to international industrial hubs such as China due to cost and a lack of genuinely British-based alternatives.

The UK has a proud tradition of manufacturing that dates back centuries, from Arkwright’s cotton mills to Sheffield steel. At Forma Moulds, we intend on taking our place in this rich tapestry of innovation with our revolutionary injection moulding technology.

We are Forma Moulds, a design & injection moulding company exploiting emerging
technologies to offer a more cost-effective injection moulding solution without compromising on
With the power of 3d scanning and printing technology, we’re able to achieve a level of detail
unparalleled by our competitors. Our low costings also enable us to produce low order volumes
made impossible by the expensive tooling costs of other companies in the industry. Whatever
your injection moulding needs, Forma Moulds can do it better and cheaper than anyone else

Designed and developed products for :

Our Trusted Suppliers
Forma Moulds believes in quality coming first and through our incredible suppliers we are able to give industry leading products.


“The creative minds at our company work tirelessly to bring your ideas into reality. We are passionate about what we do because it allows us the opportunity for collaboration and that mutual respect between client & designer which can only come from an intimate understanding of one another's goals"

– Tom Lane, Founder

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