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This form will take 2-3 minuets to complete. Please supply as much detail as possible so we can best help and advise.

Here at Forma Moulds we pride ourselves in providing a high quality service to our clients and their bespoke projects.
In order to build you a quote I will require a brief description of what you intend to use the mould for. Any pics you feel may be relevant to help us understand what style of design you require, would also be beneficial.

Dimensions of your end product i.e. cake/candle/soap dimensions preferably in mm.

Would you prefer an individual mould or a tray mould? If tray, how many cavaites would you require, per tray?

Would you like a logo/design embossed or debossed into the end product?


Once all of this information is determined we can then proceed onto designing and building your quote.

Tell Us About Your Project*

Please include:
Dimensions of moulded part in mm*  (LxWxH)
Unit quantity*
Required completion date*

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