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End product silicone options 

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Silicones used to create quality finished results, for product examples, and more.

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20 sure hardness


Our most popular silicone, an all rounder! Easy release material, cost effective, fast cure time.


29 sure hardness

low viscosity and fast cure, excellent ability to pick up detail.


18 Sure hardness

Similar to the above, aslo doesnt require de'gassing so porduction costs ar eless


40 sure hardness

Tough, dimensionally stable silicone for semi rigid product examples, ideal for multi thickness and over-moulding to increase rigidity of existing silicone components


30 sure hardness

This silicone offers low shrinkage ideal of accurate sized components and designs, also non reactive to resins


0020 sur ehardness

An extremely soft, skin safe silicone, for very malleable and soft products, feels a little like slime but can hold a shape

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