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Our food-safe silicone catalogue

At Forma, crafting food-safe moulds is among our specialties. From collaborating with major production lines to bringing chefs' signature dishes to life, we've successfully executed a wide spectrum of projects. Our expertise spans the entire range, ensuring the safety and quality of moulds for diverse culinary applications.

Ideal for enhancing decorative edible products, cakes, chocolates, and more! Featuring our easy pop-out technology, these molds come with a high-temperature rating, making them perfect for baking. Enjoy the convenience of crafting delicious treats without any breaks in the cast, ensuring a flawless and delightful outcome every time.




20 sure hardness


Our most popular silicone, an all rounder! Easy release material, cost effective, fast cure time.


18 sure hardness

Softer option for smaller, more complex moulds, very slow setting time, better for one off.

Our Choice


37 Sure hardness

Harder more rigid food safe, ideal for those looking to reduce material but keep rigidity. Ideal for injection moulding.


30 Sure hardness

Cheaper more versatile food safe option to FMSC37


40 sure hardness

Very tough mould, suited for tougher production applications. Highly heat insulated and more rigid than other examples.


30 Sure hardness

Alternative to FMSS20, can produce similar characteristics idel for customer slooking to explore different cost options 


40 sure hardness

Tough er food safe, feels like a higher quality, ideal for injection moulding due to its higher rigidity.

Our Choice


60 sure hardness

Good heat resistance for baking appliances. Very tough & harder moulds. Ideal for production of food safe baking moulds.

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