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Silicone Mould Properties 

If you're looking for an easy and versatile way to create detailed silicone moulds, Forma Moulds has you covered. Our selection of high-quality silicones is perfect for a wide range of applications, from food crafting to complex sculpting. Plus, our products are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure you're getting the best possible quality.


General purpose silicone rubber 

General Purpose RTV Condensation Cure Mould Making Silicone Rubber


High strength silicone mould making rubber. Our silicone has been formulated for easy mixing by hand, with colour coded components (red or green) giving a visual aid to ensure mixing is adequate. The two components mix easily and because of the low viscosity most grades can be used without processing in a vacuum chamber. This silicone is suited for the detailed reproduction of figures, art objects and similar items.


Features :
Outstanding release properties
High Flowabilty and long working time
Medium Hardness
High tear resistance
High elasticity for easy removal of complex replica parts
Can be made thixotropic (non flowable) for vertical surface replication
Cured Properties of MBFG Silicone

Food Safe FS30_Main.jpg

Food Safe Silicone

Food Safe Addition Cure Silicone Moulding Making Rubber

Polycraft FS30 Food Safe silicone is suitable for Ice, chocolate, candy and speciality foods can be cast or moulded into decorative shapes by using silicone rubber mould making materials. Polycraft FS30 Food Safe silicone rubber may be suitable for these applications because of their food-contact status.

This rubber, when properly cured and cleansed it is suitable for food contact in accordance with the requirements of FDA Regulation CFR-2 1 (USA),  Journal Officiel (france), Brouchure 1227 and BGA, chapter XV-A (Germany).  

High Inhibition Resistance
Good Cut-Growth Resistance
Low Shrink
Cures at room temperature within 16 hours or heat curable.


Platsil FS 20

Introducing FS 20, a 1:1 mix fast setting 20 Shore A addition cure silicone. To understand just how great FS silicones are it’s best to compare it to the Transil 20 which became popular by providing low viscosity with a quick cure time and good tear strength.


Heat Resistant silicone 

Heat Resistant High Temperature RTV Condensation Cure Silicone Rubber

Silastic 3120 Base is suited for the reproduction of figurines, art objects and similar items where no deep undercuts or complex shapes are present and where maximum heat stability is required. It is suitable for centrifugal casting of low melt alloys, e.g.. metal soldiers etc. Outstanding release properties, High hardness (60 Shore A) for mould rigidity.

Features :

Easily mixed and poured
Cure at room temperature in any thickness
Give accurate reproduction of masters for mould making
Provide wide service temperature ranges


Silicone Putty 

Silicone Putty RTV Mould Making Silicone Rubber

Polycraft silicone putty is a fast curing silicone rubber, cured at room temperature with excellent dimensional stability and is used for the rapid reproduction of objects.

Polycraft Silicone Putty is ideal for small mouldings and will replicate excellent detail from the original object producing a strong semi-flexible reusable mould. It has excellent self-releasing properties and will not require release agent for most applications. Ideal for a wide range of impression type moulding applications such as ornate plaster decorations, polymer clay to figurings etc.

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