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Custom Moulds and Parts 

We are Forma Moulds, an industry leader in small scale silicone mould production. Our state-of the art 3D printing technology allows us to offer cheaper tooling than traditional injection moulding while still maintaining high quality standards that you can depend on! 3D printed moulds are ideal for order quantities ranging from 1-500 units. Starting at £150 per tool Forma Moulds is an ideal choice for small scale production os silicone parts and moulds as well as prototyping concepts before moving to mass production.

The Process

Industrial Designer


Working on the computer


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Doing Inventory


Door Delivery


Our team of designers work with you every step of the way from your initial concept, we work with the client to achieve your dream design.

We will then generate a computer generated model of your candle and provide a realistic render of your project for you to approve.

3D Printing 
Once approved, we will hand over the file to our team of 3D printing engineers who will produce the tooling ready for the silicone casting. 

Silicone Casting 
The tooling will then be used to cast the silicone mould using our specialised process which utilises high quality silicone. This process will then be repeated.

Quality Control
Each mould then goes through rigorous quality control to ensure that each one is to the finest quality.

Ship Items
We carefully pack your new moulds and ship them to you.


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