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Meet The Founder 

Thomas Lane; a visionary. Focused on high quality, rapid results, and scalable solutions all under one roof in the UK.

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Our Story
How Forma Started 

The concept of Forma Moulds came to life in the early months of 2020, a period marked by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK. Tom, our visionary founder, an adept designer specializing in 3D printing, found himself grappling with an unforeseen work hiatus. Undeterred by the challenging circumstances, Tom began exploring alternative avenues for employment. It was during this quest that he had a remarkable revelation – the potential to leverage his unique knowledge and expertise in designing for 3D printing.

In response to this newfound insight, Tom took the bold step of founding TechCraft 3D Design Agency. Over the course of the next year, he dedicated himself to its growth and development, all from the modest confines of his grandparents' garage, as the COVID-19 pandemic raged on.

As Tom's brainchild, TechCraft 3D, evolved and expanded, he began to discern a significant gap in the market, particularly within the realm of silicone moulds for Etsy sellers. Many of these sellers were utilizing the same molds, resulting in a lack of uniqueness in their products. Tom noticed that the majority of tooling for silicone production was exorbitantly priced, primarily due to the use of million-pound machines and metal materials. Moreover, many companies were turning away clients seeking small orders, deeming them not financially viable.

Motivated by these observations, Tom embarked on a journey to develop Forma Moulds, leveraging his expertise from TechCraft 3D and 3D printing. He aimed to create a low-cost alternative that would cater to clients with lower order quantities, making it more accessible for small-scale productions.

The Evolution Of Forma 

As Forma Moulds continued to grow, Tom faced a pivotal decision of which company to focus on. Eventually, he decided to transition the company into its own dedicated 400-square-foot office space. However, it didn't take long for that space to fill up with equipment and materials. Tom managed both the company and production on his own until September 2022 when the sheer volume of orders necessitated additional help. Taking the leap, he hired Steve as the production manager. Together, they grappled with the challenges of developing processes and overcoming obstacles that had thwarted many before them.

Soon, the small office could no longer accommodate their expanding operations. In a stroke of serendipity, while exploring the possibility of developing a machine to aid their operations, Tom connected with Bob from Warwick Design. Bob, upon visiting their cramped space, was amazed at how they functioned in such close quarters and offered to rent out a spacious 1,000-square-foot area. It was believed that this space would serve their needs for years to come, and at Christmas in 2022, Forma Moulds made its move to Warwick Design in Bidford.

As Forma continued its growth trajectory, Tom found himself needing to expand the team, first with a salesperson and then with additional production staff. Over the next four months, it became abundantly clear that 1,000 square feet was insufficient. The team convened to devise an action plan, recognizing the need for a new property that could accommodate their expanding operations. They anticipated that this search could take months, if not years, to find the ideal location.

In a fortuitous turn of events, Tom happened upon a "For Sale" sign just two doors down from their current location. Without delay, he went to view the property and discovered that it was perfect – striking the right balance between workshop and office spaces. This new property would also enable them to establish specialized labs for more sensitive projects. After navigating the intricacies of legalities and several nerve-wracking months, Forma Moulds moved into its new home.

In their new, expanded facility and with a revamped website, Forma Moulds flourished, constantly evolving and striving to introduce new processes and technological developments to the market. The journey from a modest idea in early 2020 to a thriving and innovative enterprise today exemplifies Forma Moulds' resilience, adaptability, and commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility in the realm of design and manufacturing.



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