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Forma Moulds Custom Made Services 

Forma Moulds specializes in bespoke projects, ranging from custom food molds and personalized parts to unique candle molds and a variety of other tailored solutions. Our expertise lies in delivering precision and innovation across diverse projects to meet your specific needs and bring your unique ideas to life.



Forma Moulds' design process is a precision-driven journey. We begin with a thorough client consultation, utilizing cutting-edge technology to meticulously design, prototype, and refine solutions. Our approach balances cost-effectiveness and sustainability, consistently exceeding industry standards for excellence.


Research & Development 

Forma Moulds' research and development process begins with a client-focused project analysis, utilizing cutting-edge technology. Our expert team crafts precise plans, employs advanced techniques, and prioritizes cost-effectiveness and sustainability, consistently setting industry standards.



Our R&D department work with customers to help them develop and improve current and new ideas. Working with our technologies allows high detail, versatile moulds, at low affordable prices compared to other R&D procedures.



The production facility at Forma Moulds is set up to allow projects large and small get into a production capacity with a well optimised production space; set up for various production scenarios and faster results. The possibilities are great.


"The creative minds at our company work tirelessly to bring your ideas into reality. We are passionate about what we do because it allows us the opportunity for collaboration and that mutual respect between client & designer which can only come from an intimate understanding of one another's goals"

– Tom Lane, Founder

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