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Forma Moulds

Forma Moulds stands out for its versatility of moulding solutions across a diverse array of materials, offering solutions suitable for various industries, from established industrial production runs to burgeoning startups. Our state-of-the-art moulds provide unparalleled precision and reliability, enabling the moulding of materials ranging from metal and plastic to ceramics and composites with exceptional efficiency and consistency. Whether it's aiding established companies in scaling their operations or providing cost-effective options for startups to materialize their innovative concepts, Forma Moulds ensures quality outcomes for mass production or prototyping purposes. With our commitment to versatility and advanced technology, Forma Moulds empowers businesses of all sizes to achieve success in today's competitive market landscape.


Wax Melts 

Forma Moulds offers meticulously engineered solutions for crafting intricately detailed moulds tailored specifically for wax melts. Our precision manufacturing ensures that every subtle nuance and texture is faithfully replicated, resulting in wax products of exceptional quality that delight the senses. With Forma Moulds, clients can trust in our commitment to excellence, knowing that their wax melts will stand out with unmatched precision and aesthetic appeal.

Colorful round solid shampoo bars (zero waste).jpg

Soap Bars 

Forma Moulds offers specialized services to clients in need of moulds for soap bars, providing customized solutions tailored to their exact specifications. With our expertise in mould design and manufacturing, we ensure that each mould is precisely crafted to produce soap bars with intricate designs and consistent quality. Whether clients require standard shapes or unique custom designs, Forma Moulds is dedicated to delivering excellence and innovation in mould production, empowering them to create exceptional soap products that resonate with consumers.


Candle Pot Refills 

Forma Moulds specializes in crafting precision-engineered moulds for candle pot refills, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in every aspect of production. Our meticulously designed moulds guarantee precise replication of intricate designs and dimensions, resulting in candle pot refills of exceptional quality. With Forma Moulds, candle manufacturers can trust in our commitment to accuracy, enabling them to produce consistent and high-quality products that meet the highest standards of excellence.

Jesmonite handcrafted jewelry storage trinket trays with blue green terrazzo effect.jpg

Jesmonite Moulds 

Forma Moulds stands out as an ideal choice for molding Jesmonite, offering unparalleled precision and versatility to creators in the architectural, design, and art industries. Our meticulously crafted moulds ensure seamless replication of intricate textures and details, allowing for the creation of stunning Jesmonite pieces with exceptional accuracy. Whether it's intricate sculptures, decorative panels, or architectural elements, Forma Moulds empower artists and designers to bring their visions to life with precision and consistency. With Forma Moulds, creators can explore the full potential of Jesmonite, confident in our ability to deliver moulds that meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.


Pillar Candles 

Forma Moulds provides tailored solutions for crafting pillar candles, ensuring precision and efficiency throughout the production process. Our meticulously engineered moulds allow for the creation of pillar candles with consistent dimensions, smooth surfaces, and intricate designs. Whether you require standard shapes or custom designs, our expert team can design and manufacture moulds that meet your specific requirements. With Forma Moulds, candle makers can streamline their production, achieve uniformity in their products, and unleash their creativity to produce pillar candles of exceptional quality and aesthetic appeal.

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Low Temperature Metal Casting Moulds 

Forma Moulds offers specialized solutions for low-temperature metal casting, providing creators with precision-engineered moulds designed to withstand the unique challenges of casting metals at lower temperatures. Our meticulously crafted moulds ensure accurate replication of intricate details and textures, allowing for the creation of high-quality metal castings with exceptional precision. Whether it's for jewelry, art pieces, or industrial components, Forma Moulds' expertise in low-temperature metal casting empowers creators to explore new possibilities and achieve remarkable results. With our dedication to innovation and craftsmanship, clients can trust Forma Moulds to deliver moulds that meet their exact specifications and exceed their expectations for quality and performance.

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